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A classic style game with retro graphics and game play like something you'd see on a 5.25" floppy disk. The protagonist is an inept knight who wears a suit of plate armor that isn't quite up to the task. Exiled from his kingdom, he must find the holy grail if he is to return. He is usually too busy fending off pests to worry about an actual threat. Many floors filled with vermin, hazards, and bosses to stumble your way through.

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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I almost love this game, except for one thing: the damage system. There should be a cool-down period when you take damage where you're invincible (briefly knocked backed as well perhaps). As it stands if I so much as touch a snake for a microsecond I'm down from 100 health to 40.

Another issue is that the player moves a bit too fast, I eventually kinda got used to it, but it would be much more enjoyable with a slower speed. The imprecision of the movement due to the high move speed actually worsens the major problem I have with the game, since it's harder to control when you're moving so fast. Makes it too easy to accidentally hit something and lose half your health. Which feels really unfair.

Good game besides all that and I'd play it much more if it weren't for those things. I just simply die too fast because of them.


The Broken Robe DLC is now included in this version of the game.

I can't figure out how to cap some gameplay..

But, overall very happy with my purchase!

A program called Open Broadcaster Software is what I've been using. I've tried quite a few and had the least issues with it.

Aw yeah, these sweet MIDIs! Oh right, and the game looks fun too!